Conveyors Reinvented

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The AirLift Pipe Conveyor | APC

The Airlift Pipe Conveyor (APC) is a high speed, air levitated conveyor with an integral design that can be extruded from HDPE or fabricated from steel.

The result is a frictionless conveyor that moves at up to 30m/s to carry bulk materials at rail speed. Its difference is its exceptionally low cost of manufacture, installation and operation.

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lower capital cost compared to conventional conveying.


lower operating cost compared to conventional conveying.


maintenance cost for the conveyor section.

The Current Conveyor Market

Globally, a massive amount of mined ore and coal are transported by belt conveyor. It is estimated that each particle of ore travels between 1-10km on conveyors. A similarly substantial amount of money is spent installing and maintaining belt conveyors.

Imagine the impact of a technology such as the APC on this market.



Tones of ore & coal


Km's of belt conveyors


Spent per annum


Conveyors Reinvented

The APC redefines bulk material handling. Now a belt conveyor can be installed elevated, on-ground, buried or submerged.

Fully enclosed with no dust, noise and a significantly reduced carbon footprint. The APC is the environmentally friendly bulk materials transport solution.


Install in an elevated position on a structure or under suspension.


Lay onground like a water pipe. Unlike a conventional overland conveyor no structure is required.


Bury it when passing through environmentally sensitive or suburban environments.


Submerge it like a water pipe to convey bulk materials to offshore ship loading facilities.