When will the APC be available commercially?

The APC will be available early in 2017 for tonnages to 500t/h. The APC will undertake high tonnage full scale industry trials in 2017 and be commercially available soon after.

How will the APC be made available commercially?

The APC will be an engineered product, with our team of Materials Handling Specialists using proprietary software to engineer the best solution of drive, belt speed and airflow charateristics for each application. This will provide the client with the best guarantee of lowest capital and life of operation success.

How far will the APC be able to convey?

The APC is projected to be significantly lower cost than all other forms of conveying. Our research is working on extending the single flight length to greater than 20kms for overland conveying.

Conventional belt conveyors run at a maximum 3-8 m/s.  How can the APC operate at greater than 10m/s?

The belt speed of conventional conveyors is control by bearing speed, bearing life and friction. Without friction the APC is able to operate at speeds that are controlled by the ability to load and discharge the material.  For materials prone to dust the relative air speed to the material is controlled through the recyle of the levitation air. Our research is working on extending the operating speed to 30m/s.

If Air Supported Conveyors have been around for 40 years why aren’t they more common?

The major reason is cost of manufacture. APC have been able to reuse and recyle the levitation air to enable an integral design that is amenable to fabrication through extrusion. This has significantly reduced the capital cost to less than conventional conveying.

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